Turning Spring Cleaning into Chesed

Turning Spring Cleaning into Chesed

Jun 3, 2012

When Abigail (Abby) Stein of Livingston, New Jersey was getting ready for her Bat Mitzvah, she wanted to do something special to help others. With the input and encouragement of her parents Josh and Shira, Abigail decided to run a Garage Sale to benefit ALEH’s disabled children in Israel. She made a flyer (see below) and distributed it in her school, shul and community, asking people to take their spring cleaning to the next level by donating their unwanted toys, books, house wares etc… to Abby’s Garage Sale.

The response was incredible.

On Sunday, May 20, the Stein’s front lawn was transformed into a Garage Sale with a Mission. Decked in specially made T-shirts, Abby, her family and friends got to wheeling and dealing, selling hundreds of items and explaining what ALEH does by distributing brochures and other materials about the organization. People who came to shop realized they were getting more than just a good deal – they were also helping Israel’s most vulnerable children get the therapies and special care they need. The sale gathered steam, and by the end of the day Abby had raised $800 for ALEH!

To continue her Chessed project, Abigail and her family spent some time visiting ALEH Jerusalem this summer when they visited Israel.

We applaud Abby for taking the chore of Spring Cleaning and making it a gift of Chessed!


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The Stein Family

Abby & her friends

Very cool specially made T-shirts

Some of the items for sale

Abby and her family at Aleh Jerusalem