How it works

1) Launch Your Campaign

There are few simple steps to launching your campaign:

  • Your first step is to click on the Start button or click here and our platform will walk you through the process of signing up to the site.
  • If you’re already signed up you will see the Launch button or you can click here and create your campaign, set up your goal and Mitzvah date.
  • You can also add perks to your campaign to add some incentives for your donors.
  • and you’re good to go! It’s easier than it sounds.

2) Spread The Word

There a few platforms where you can promote your campaign and increase the donations:

  • First of all, call up your family, friends, that weird uncle that nobody likes, some kindergarten friends and send them to your campaign!
  • You can also post your campaign on your Facebook/Twitter/Snap chat/Instagram profiles, let them know about the cause and why you are doing this – You can talk about what this means to you and how they can be part of helping a kid like you that can really use the help.
  • Talk to your local press – The local paper will love writing about your story and choice to help others as part of your growing up process.
  • Follow up! This is the most important of them all – Remind your supporters and make sure they are on it.

3) Feel Overjoyed

You earned a new Israeli brother/sister.
Plus, next time your parents ask you to help out – You can tell them you already did!

Start Now!