Celebrating and Decorating!

Celebrating and Decorating!

Nov 21, 2012

Racheli Begun of Flushing, New York decided to give her friends a special treat at her Bat Mitzvah party…Racheli asked all her friends to roll up their sleeves, put on smocks, grab a paintbrush and paint and design personalized picture frames for each of the children in the ALEHJeursalem facility.

Once the frames dried, Racheli had them shipped to ALEH in Israel. The children of ALEH were delighted to receive these beautiful picture frames, which were even personalized with their names! The frames, featuring beautiful pictures of the children and their loved ones, will add a great deal of color and a homey feeling to each bedroom in ALEH’s residential wing.  Most importantly, they are a tangible demonstration of the love and compassion from Racheli and her wonderful friends across the seas.


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