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Raya Farber


At Hausner, the seventh-grade students lead a philanthropic program called Avodah La’Olam, which translates to, work for the world. CBJ has an almost identical program called the Tzedakah Project. As a part of both programs, I decided to support ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran. ALEH Negev is a residential village in Israel that helps individuals with special needs reach their full potential. ALEH Negev consists of four main components. Number one, rehabilitation. This is the “how” they help the individuals reach their potential. ALEH Negev has multiple fantastic programs that they provide for the residents. The second is education. Not only do they educate the residents, but they also educate the volunteers and visitors to help spread the ideas of inclusion well beyond the village. Those are the final two components; volunteers and visitors. Every day, many people come to ALEH Negev either as tourists who come to see the vibrant every-day life in the village, or as volunteers, who come on a regular basis to help and work with the residents. Based on my conversations with Bill and others, I know visitors, volunteers, residents, clients, donors, and staff all leave ALEH Negev changed and committed to treating others kinder than when they arrived. I really do believe that ALEH Negev is a very special place, and I am determined to help it become even better.

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