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My Mitzvah Project by Klara

By: dov

For my Bat- Mitzvah project, I have chosen to twin with a girl named Elisheva, who is my age, and lives in the ALEH community of Jerusalem. ALEH is a special place that houses and cares for severely disabled children who are unable to live with their families. I just visited with her when my family was in Israel last week and I got to spend time with her.
Elisheva is an adorable red headed girl. She has lived at the ALEH Jerusalem since she was a baby.
Elisheva loves music, her family and having stories read to her.
Elisheva is very gentle and good natured.
Elisheva communicates using a switch that is activated by opening and closing her mouth.
Elisheva has a close relationship with her family and she goes home for Shabbat on a regular basis.
Elisheva also likes davening in the morning, warm baths and body lotion.
Elisheva sits in a wheelchair and needs help with all activities of daily living.
Please take a minute to watch the video on the left to learn more about ALEH. The slide show to the right has pictures of her home.. My goal is to raise $3,000 that will go directly to her needs and I am hoping that you can help. Any amount is appreciated.
Thank you so much!