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Chaviva Goldblatt

By: Chaviva Goldblatt

As part of turning bas-mitzvah and in loving memory of my great-grandmother, Mazal Miriam bat Michael, I have chosen to raise money to twin with a disabled chiikd in Israel through the charity Aleh.

Great-grandma and I had a special connection as we were both born in Sivan under the sign (mazal!) of the Twins. We called ourselves birthday buddies and loved to celebrate together. This is why I have chosen to twin my bas-mitzvah with one of Aleh's lovely girls.

Great-grandma was a true eishet-chayil and giving tzedakah was part and parcel of her way of life. She was a nurturer from an early age, looking after her younger siblings, and this continued in her roles as a teacher, mother and looking after children after she officially retired.

As a compassionate person who empathised with the pain of others, I am sure that Great-grandma would approve of me raising tzedakah for the wonderful charity Aleh who make it easier for these special children to meet their challenges and to enjoy a good quality of life.

My Aleh twin Devoirie is a happy, smiling girl, who studies at one of Aleh's special educational schools. Like me, she enjoys music and going on trips and I hope to be able to meet her one day. 90% of the money I raise will go towards the needs of this special young lady and she will also be given a modest and enjoyable bat-mitzvah celebration.

My first fundraiser for my bas-mitzvah is to be sponsored to complete the whole of sefer tehillim over one week. I will be doing this, IY"H, the week commencing Sunday 23rd July.

I need to raise £2015.

Please give as generously as you can (l'ilui nishmat Mazal Miriam bat Michael) to support this wonderful charity and to help Devoirie get the support she needs to have a wonderful bas-mitzvah and to achieve her full potential.

Tizku l'mitzvot.

Love Chaviva