Bar Mitzvah boy expands the ALEH Negev Safari Petting Zoo

Bar Mitzvah boy expands the ALEH Negev Safari Petting Zoo

Jun 28, 2012

Noah Krosnick from Deerfield, Illinois simply loves animals, so it was natural that he wanted to include animals in his tikun olam project in honor of his Bar Mitzvah.

Noah’s father, Rick Krosnick, the JNF Chief Development Officer, suggested that Noah consider raising money for one of JNF’s Blueprint Negev Projects. Noah loved the idea and chose to support the ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Safari Petting Zoo Program.

The Safari Petting Zoo gives severely disabled people ongoing opportunities to care for animals and form bonds with them, thereby nurturing these feelings and encouraging their expression in their relationships with the people around them.

Noah set about asking relatives and neighbors to help him achieve his fundraising goal – and achieve he did! Thanks to Noah, the Safari now includes many new animals, including rabbits, parrots, snakes, chinchillas, lizards, and a pony!

The highlight of the Bar Mitzvah project was Noah’s personal visit to ALEH Negev.  On June 27, Noah and his extended family visited the Safari to see “Noah’s animals,” some of whom were a surprise for Noah himself!  He was delighted when he was asked to name “his” pony, who had been waiting for a name for the past 2 weeks.  Percy the pony was well received by all, including Percy himself, who immediately warmed up to Noah and began following him around the safari.

The final surprise for Noah was when he was invited to unveil the wall plaque in the enclosed bird and rabbit cage.  His face lit up when he read the inscription: The 2012 Safari Program In Honor of Noah Krosnick, Deerfield, IL USA, In Honor of his becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

Both Noah and his father Rick thanked the ALEH Negev staff for making Noah’s bar mitzvah so meaningful, for themselves, their family, and hundreds of disabled people in Israel’s Negev region.

We thank Noah for taking his Bar Mitzvah to the “next level” and helping us expand The ALEH Negev-Nahalat Eran Petting Zoo Safari.